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Multi 3 Circuit Grey Track Light Fittings

All of the fittings in this section will work with our Eutrac, Global and Powergear multi circuit tracks, and many other multi circuit track systems.

Please choose from all the different Grey Track Light fittings. Please call if you require help configuring your track layout. Modern 3 circuit white track lighting available for commercial and domestic use. Suitable for retail, galleries, offices and homes. Modern Lighting Solutions have one of the largest choice available online today.

We show only a small part of our Multi Circuit Track light offering, please click HERE to view the full range available.

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  1. PURI lamp head Silver Grey, Dimmable, Requires GU10 LED

    £23.56 £19.63
  2. Bima I GU10 Silver Grey, Dimmable, Requires GU10 LED

    £38.62 £32.18
  3. Bima II GU10 Silver Grey LED, Dimmable, Requires GU10 LED

    £56.16 £46.80
  4. Theatre GU10 Tracklight Chrome complete with Barn Doors, Dimmable, Requires GU10 LED

    £51.12 £42.60
  5. Kone Multi Circuit LED Track Spot Grey CRI90 1100lm - 4000lm available

    £94.80 £79.00
  6. Zoom Major Grey Multi Circuit Track Spot Dimmable Adjustable beam 15 - 60 degree CRI90

    £175.20 £146.00
    Please Enquire

7 Items

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